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Is That a Billboard in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to Shop?

Each day, when I drive to work in downtown Denver, I pass a billboard ad for Chick-fil-a with a cow talking about chicken, and for the life or me, I still have no idea where that restaurant is located. I don’t eat fast food, and I’m not likely going to start now with Chick-fil-a or any other purveyor, but after seeing this for years, you would think other people have the same questions: where is it, and why is that ad there if it doesn’t tell you?

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Evolution to Revolution: Retail’s Journey from Print to Digital

It’s expensive, and, as Michael Corleone said about Hyman Roth, it’s been dying for 20 years. All those printed circulars, inserts and coupons are still padding newspapers, stuffing mailboxes and occupying wire bins at the store entrance. In a world that has shunned brown paper grocery bags and the Yellow Pages, print marketing should be disappearing from the retail industry.

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