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Instagram Stories and Snapchat: What You Need to Know

On Wednesday, Instagram debuted their newest in-app feature: Stories. Instagram Stories enables users to post their own series of images or videos, called “Stories,” that are only visible for 24 hours. This new feature looks surprisingly identical to Snapchat – and Instagram knows it. CEO Kevin Systrom admitted on Wednesday at the launch that, “[Snapchat] deserves all the credit.” Despite its (more than) 300 million users, active daily Instagram users were only sharing about 80 million photos a day before Instagram Stories came into play. This number is far less than what Snapchat users normally share – about 10 billion stories per day. Essentially, Instagram has now created one platform to share your pixel-perfect photos plus all the moments in-between, possibly eliminating the need for users to switch back-and-forth between the two apps...

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