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LAB WEEK RECAP: Digital Restaurant Guides

This month we held our quarterly Lab Week where our team of developers and product managers collaborate to make something new and exciting. The goal of Lab Week is to engage the team in something they are passionate about, beyond the day-to-day focus on general production. This allows them to work on some really interesting technologies and applications, while also improving the overall products we offer to our clients. 

During Lab Week, we pulled together a cross-functional team with the goal of building a prototype visual restaurant guide for our shopping centers. As you may already know, we are big believers that online content is a critical part of any digital experience. With many centers changing their tenant mix and focusing on broader entertainment and dining options, a digital restaurant guide is an excellent way to engage shoppers and promote your restaurants.

By the end of the week, we had successfully created a digital guide to dining that seamlessly and artfully integrates price points, cuisine, locations, specials and reservations. And while Lab Week does not necessarily produce 100% ready-to-go products, you can be certain to see a restaurant guide offering from PlaceWise in the coming months built upon the incredible work and infrastructure done during Lab Week.