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Press Release: PlaceWise Media Announces the “Active Shopper Exchange”

20 March 2017


DENVER, CO - PlaceWise Media, the leading provider of digital media services to the shopping center industry, announced today the release of the Active Shopper Exchange  (ASX) - a retail shopper data exchange that enables retailers, brands and shopping centers to share data and deliver highly contextual and personalized experiences for shoppers who are actively in-market using web, mobile, social and display media.


“Online digital media plays a central role in retail brick & mortar purchases.  Shoppers seek information and validation on their purchases before, during and after they buy.” said John Dee, President.  “Now, more than ever, delivering brand messaging and content at the right time and over the right channel is critical.”


ASX enables retail brands and shopping centers to share data and collaborate to best serve their shoppers.  It also allows them to identify who is in market and when they are in market and most importantly, an ability to activate and engage that shopper.


ASX provides a platform for Exchange Members to amplify their first party shopper intent and visit data.  The platform brings retail data collected from a shopper audience of 175M US consumers spending $1.4 trillion, as they transact at 34,000+ retail brick and mortar stores located in malls and shopping centers across the U.S. These audience segments, when combined with the Member data, form a data asset that can be used for geo targeting, personalized experiences and hyper-local media targeting.


About PlaceWise Media
PlaceWise has been the leading provider of digital services to the shopping center industry since 1997.  Delivering over 200 million digital shopper engagements per year on behalf its over 800 shopping center clients, PlaceWise is the trusted third party provider of digital services in this industry.  PlaceWise uses digital technology to drive local shoppers to their local shopping center.  For more information, visit  

Media Contact:
Jeffrey Fraser
PlaceWise Media