Kenosha Pass, CO, photographed by Scott Harrison

Wooga Yoo


As Vice President of Operations at PlaceWise Media, Wooga Yoo draws on more than 15 years of operations, personnel and client and project management experience in digital shopper marketing. Yoo is the longest standing member of the PlaceWise team, having overseen every PlaceWise shopping center client relationship. He is also responsible for all shopping center industry revenue, service delivery and support. Yoo and his team have won top industry awards for best-integrated digital marketing campaigns in the shopping center industry.

Previously, Yoo worked with US West Communications creating metrics for the predictive analysis of employee success. Yoo's primary responsibility was in optimizing the productivity and ensuring the long term retention of key personnel. Yoo began his career working in various research and medical environments, ranging from the Human Genome Project to malarial research and clinical application of preventive measures in the Solomon Islands.

Yoo holds a bachelor's degree in molecular cellular developmental biology and a master's degree in counseling psychology, both from the University of Colorado.