Placewise Peep: Mike ''Mac'' MacDonald

Jul 15, 2019

Get to Know Your Placewise Peep: Mike ''Mac'' MacDonald

Name: Mike “Mac” MacDonald

Position: Media Sales Director

Hometown: Louisville, CO

How long have you worked at Placewise? Almost 5 years now.

What food would you bring to a potluck and why? Chicken wings (extra crispy) because they’re the best.

Which store would you like to max-out your credit card at? Well, I do it monthly at Costco so we’ll go with that.

What’s the perfect ratio of peanut butter to jelly on a PB&J? 50/50.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time? I watch a lot of golf. That could be nerdy to some people.

If you were eating your last meal on Earth, what would it be? Seafood buffet. Everything from sushi, to crab legs - if it’s in the water I’ll eat it.

Go-to artist on Spotify? Zac Brown.

What is your hidden talent/something most people don’t know about you? I was a pretty good baseball player growing up.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? I like their original movies. I really liked the Adam Sandler movies and I really enjoyed Always Be My Maybe.

If you could describe yourself as a beverage, what would you be and why? I don’t know, beer? Everyone likes beer.

What’s on your bucket list? I want to go back to London, Italy, Scotland and Ireland. I also want to go to the Masters.

What’s your opinion about putting pineapple on pizza? Hell no. That’s gross. Even if you pick it off.


Game of Thrones or Westworld? Neither.
At a movie: candy or popcorn?
Hot or cold weather?
Save or spend?
Pancakes or waffles?
What’s worse: laundry or dishes?
Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down?
Right side up.
Toilet paper - over or under?

Anything else? I went to Colorado State - Go RAMS!

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Placewise Peep: Mike ''Mac'' MacDonald