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KNOCK KNOCK! A new era of change and opportunity has arrived. We help shopping centers and brands evolve shopping experiences into more than just foot traffic.
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Delivering digital technology, data and e-commerce to shopping centers around the world.

Delivering digital technology, data and e-commerce to shopping centers around the world.

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(Yes, That's Billion)






(Yes, That's Billion)
Adapt or die. We’ve always embraced the need for change and transformation — and carry that way of thinking over to our digital products.

Solutions That
Re-Invent Shopping Centers.

A shopping center is more than a centralized space for commerce.

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A shopping center is
a space to connect
with humanity.

New World

THE FEAR OF EMPTY SPACE. Helping clients starts with getting to the source of the problem. For savvy investors and retail real estate gurus it's a deep understanding that all efforts should accomplish one goal.
THE GOAL IS, to increase sales and drive revenue.
THE REALITY IS, solving this
long-standing problem is easier said than done.
THE KEY IS, bringing the best of physical and online shopping together.
Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?
How do I...

Leverage Ecommerce At My Center?

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What is the...

Value of a Customer Database?

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The Importance of...

Establishing Shopper Relationships

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How can we...

Build Tenant Partnerships?

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How do we leverage...

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Meet Mall Performance

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1000+ shopping centers
1B+ Digital Shopper Engagement Annually

Built To Connect It All.

Our cloud-based integrated platform connects hundreds of data points, showing you opportunities clearly while building relationships with tenants, and shoppers.


Connect shoppers to tenants with data that helps you see the big picture. A digital solution that supports local and national retailers increasing foot traffic with deals and rewards.


A shopping experience tailored to unique tastes and preferences. Shoppers can easily control method and frequency of contact, all while building engagement.


Help tenants connect with you and your shoppers. Our apps streamline communications, and let retailers enter content once, and publish to any of over 800 shopping center websites.

Don't Endure.

Developed with you in mind.

It’s called the Mall Performance Cloud, but really it’s built for all kinds of shopping centers. Uncover opportunities, and solutions as unique as your property.

& Mega Malls

Malls aren’t what they used to be. And that’s even more true for regional and mega malls. Most are adding more local retailers, pop ups and evolving into true dining & entertainment destinations. These experience makers are in great part the difference between the old and the new. They have evolved into exciting new retail destinations with a wide audience and assortment of entertainment and shopping options. Capitalizing on this means providing a cultivated “audience” to support all retailers, pop ups, and to inspire “Foodies” to rethink dining possibilities.


With a diverse collection of brands and shoppers, Outlet Centers have a great opportunity to leverage digital services and deliver unique and effective messaging to their consumers - whether they are tourists, locals, destination shoppers or something in between, you want the right message for the right shopper.

Mixed Use

As Mixed Use developments lead urban modernization around the world, highly engaging experiences are being developed that cut across asset types. Each mixed use experience is unique. The challenge is maximizing the effect of diverse product types, and user groups to create a dynamic environment. Realizing the synergy between Retail, office, residential, hospitality and transit means not just understanding what an office worker wants, vs a resident but being able to act upon it.

Power Centers
& Retail Parks

Driving cross shopping at these centers is the challenge. Big box, hypermarkets and large format specialty retailers are unique. Getting consumers to branch out is an imperative for center ownership. Understanding replenishment shopping, large item purchases and how to motivate shoppers at the right time with the right message can be enabled through the digital technologies we provide.

& Entertainment

It’s all about frequency! For centers that have a unique focus on tourism, specialized tenants, business districts or dining & entertainment, understanding how your consumers use the property is key. Digital programs can have a big impact on driving consumer visit frequency and behavior in specialty and entertainment properties.

Retail destinations that can't meet the challenge will become footnotes to retail history.

Committed To The Craft.

WE WILL NOT BE OUTWORKED, PERIOD. We don’t rely on luck or our legacy. With repetition comes data and insight that helps clients break the rule book.

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Learning new skills isn’t enough to stay
ahead. We must also unlearn old ones.
Looking for the right digital partner? You're in good company.
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Our Clients - Bold Forward Thinkers Just Like You
Connie Dyer | SVP Marketing, Horizon Group Properties

"Placewise understands our complex business goals, and deliver outstanding results"

Rafael Mateu | International Partner, Head of Asset Services Spain, C&W Spain

"Results in the first year confirm customer knowledge is the key to the future of Retail"

Keith Maladra | Vice President Digital Marketing, QIC

"Leveraged the fully-integrated digital platform to grow loyalty membership - a true difference maker"

A leading shopping & lifestyle center based in Singapore

"Provided invaluable expertise and support for our digital and marketing technology projects."

Vicente Alemany | Innovation & Marketing Coordinator, C&W Spain

"240,000 centre visitors enrolled in loyalty, 15% of annual unique visitors, and 50% above goal"

Tom Schneck II | CMD, Regional Director Retail Marketing, CIM

"From coast to coast, and up and down the leadership structure we’ve received rave reviews"

Toon de Meester | Shopping Center ManagerWaasland Shopping – Belgium Ceusters Group

"Impressive database growth - every contact is a qualitative, active & GDPR compliant member we can interact with"

A leading shopping & lifestyle center based in Singapore

"Provided invaluable expertise in the design and implementation of customised solutions."

Joshua Picture
Sr. Account Manager
Holly PictureBenson PictureHui Hui PictureKarolina PictureCecilie PictureCarolina PictureJoshua Picture

"Helping you meet your goals, that's why I'm here."

Holly Picture
Performance Manager
Benson PictureHui Hui PictureKarolina PictureCecilie PictureCarolina PictureJoshua PictureHolly Picture

"I’m a Mall Performance Cloud Master. Ask me anything."

Benson Picture
Specialist, Client Engagement
Hui Hui PictureKarolina PictureCecilie PictureCarolina PictureJoshua PictureHolly PictureBenson Picture

"Think of our team, as an extension of yours."

Hui Hui Picture
Hui Hui
Specialist, Client Engagement
Karolina PictureCecilie PictureCarolina PictureJoshua PictureHolly PictureBenson PictureHui Hui Picture

"I'm here to make your experience the best!"

Karolina Picture
Digital performance manager
Cecilie PictureCarolina PictureJoshua PictureHolly PictureBenson PictureHui Hui PictureKarolina Picture

"Want to make sure your shoppers come back? I’m here to make it happen"

Carolina Picture
Head of PM Europe
Joshua PictureHolly PictureBenson PictureHui Hui PictureKarolina PictureCecilie PictureCarolina Picture

"Let's analyse your database to see how we can increase member engagement!"


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