Marketplace Performance Cloud For All Kinds Of Shopping Centres.

Take control of an army of cloud based tools and apps all connected under one platform.
Marketplace Performance Cloud was developed to help retail centers effectively increase shopper engagement and drive foot traffic. It puts your data to work. Creating relationships that lead to growth.
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  • Consolidate technology under one dashboard.
  • Save time working with fewer vendors.
  • Discover insights and opportunity through smart data.
What does MPC include?

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Understand your shoppers by bringing all your digital interactions into one place.
About This Solution

The CDP is the heartbeat of the Marketplace Performance Cloud.  

Purpose built for shopping centers, our CDP enables the safe collection of consumer data across all digital touchpoints into a single database.  This allows for shopper activation and insights unparalleled in the industry.

The CDP seamlessly integrates with 3rd Party solutions, enabling a complete view of all digital interactions with your customers. It also allows for advanced and comprehensive audience management based on demographic, psychographic and behavioral data.

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Shopper Engagement

Digital experiences that improve the shopping experience and generate insights that help you serve shoppers and tenants alike.
About This Solution

Engaging your shoppers with digital services is the first step towards truly understanding them, and driving more sales.

With each engagement, information is collected into the Data Management Platform delivering a better understanding and an improved ability to deliver personalized information about your center.

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Tenant Connect

Stay connected to your tenants and give them the tools to connect with shoppers at your center.
About This Solution

Connecting shoppers with their favorite brands and retailers is the core of a shopping center’s business.  Our Tenant Solutions make communicating with and supporting your tenants easier than ever.  

Through our mobile app, store managers and owners can participate in center events, upload promotional information and product data, connect with shoppers or communicate directly with center management.

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Insights & Analytics

Understand your shoppers better than ever, connect them with your tenants and increase the value of your property.
About This Solution

Our Insights & Analytics deliver information about all digital interactions between your center and your shoppers.  Marketplace Performance Cloud reporting is powered by Microsoft Power BI - one of the world’s most comprehensive reporting and visualization engines. You can also use a data feed into your existing data mining engine.

By combining data from different sources and aggregating this into dedicated reports we are able to provide insights that until now, have not been available for owners and operators of shopping centers.

Shopper Insight Reports deliver valuable custom reports about shoppers at your center. Inform your leasing decisions, create targeted marketing campaigns, and gain a holistic vision of your shoppers’ behaviors - enabling you to better serve them.

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Services & Support

Service and support that understands your business.
About This Solution

Placewise is the only industry vendor that offers an end to end service layer - Performance Management.

Performance Management can support you on parts of your business or act as an outsourcing partner for all digital parts of your business.

Placewise clients using Performance Management have superior results compared to our industry benchmarks.

Performance Management can help you with digital strategy, campaign tactics, offer collection from brands and tenants, creation of campaign design and assets, and campaign execution.

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