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Mark Pilkington

Brand Futurist and Author


Mark Pilkington is a global expert on consumer markets. He combines thought-leadership gained at Oxford University and INSEAD Business School with a track record of success across the branded, e-commerce and retail sectors. 

He was one of the first thinkers to predict the global retail crisis in his book ‘Retail Therapy. Why the retail industry is broken – and what can be done to fix it’ (2019 – Bloomsbury).

He began his career in the 1990s, as Marketing Director of Wonderbra – a relatively unknown underwear brand - which he subsequently made famous all round the world. 

Then, in 2000, he founded – world’s first vertically-integrated online brand - with the financial backing of Marks & Spencer Ventures. He successfully scaled Splendour, and it was acquired in 2006 by a public company.

From 2008 to 2017, he was Chief Executive of Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group, a leading Dubai-based retailer, with market-leading brands like The Body Shop, Early Learning Centre, Nayomi and Mikyajy, which he successfully expanded from 450 to 850 stores.

He then became Consulting Director of Bolt Partners, a leading London online marketing agency, where he helped brands develop successful digital strategies.

He is currently Director of, a consultancy which helps brands, retailers and retail property owners develop winning strategies for the future.

Bloomsbury published his second book ‘Retail Recovery. How creative retailers are winning in their post-apocalyptic world’ in 2021.

The book lays out a road-map for how brands, retailers and retail property owners can succeed in the future.

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