2019 by the Numbers

Jan 14, 2020

2019 by the Numbers

While we’re excited 2020 is underway and we’re already hitting the ground running, we wanted to take some time to reflect on 2019 since it was such a big year for us here at PlaceWise.

In 2019, we had:

1 International Merger - Serving 3 New Continents and 18 New Countries

250,000,000+ Digital Engagements (including display, web, email, SMS)

180,000,000+ Website Engagements

385 Post-It Pads Used

54 Cosmo’s Pizzas Ordered (plus 68 Sides of Spicy Ranch)

146 Websites Launched

574 Social and Display Campaigns

6 New Faces

148,850,628 Emails Sent through our RetailHub Platform

2 Webinars Hosted

50,608 Deals posted for 2186 Retailers at 800+ Shopping Center Locations

2 Marriages

12 Dogs in the Office

9 New Products Introduced

6,644 Cups of Coffee

204 Stand Up Meetings

12 Dirty Dish Reminders Sent Out

924 Zoom Meetings (with 4,056 Participants)

500+ Breakfast Burritos Consumed

52 Wall Meetings

4,160 Cans of La Croix Consumed

2 Spring Fling Cakes Consumed (not enough)

9 Beer Fridge Refills (also not enough)

2 New Hannahs

…all adding up to one awesome year! Thanks for helping us make it a great one. We can’t wait to see where 2020 takes us!

Download the pdf here:
2019 by the Numbers