A Digital Spin On A Shopper Favorite

Oct 10, 2022

A Digital Spin On A Shopper Favorite

Today, the “wheel of fortune” is probably most well-known to people as the popular television show hosted by Pat Sajak. But the “Wheel of Fortune” or Rota Fortunae (in Latin), has its roots in Roman and Greek mythology dating back to sometime between 900BC and the 4 th century
AD. The Roman goddess of abundance, luck, and fate, Fortuna was said to watch over and steer a person’s fate, symbolized by the cornucopia (all good things in abundance) and the rudder (power to steer and influence) she held in her hands.

The concept of the spinning wheel of chance has endured through the ages and has evolved over time to become an entertaining and rewarding favorite among consumers. Lucky Spin was first introduced to mall shoppers in its physical form, often held at a location with the most foot
traffic - the mall atrium and managed by a customer service officer. Shopping malls deploy prize wheels regularly because shoppers enjoy the ease of gameplay and sure-win rewards that come with a simple spin of the wheel.

With the digital evolution of the retail experience, some centres have upped their game by introducing the Spin to Win game on their mobile apps. The advantages of deploying a digital version of the game include the potential to increase loyalty membership growth and mobile app
downloads with membership requirement, enables shoppers to play anytime from anywhere on their mobile phones, and depending on the method of deployment can decrease the labor necessary versus managing an onsite game.

The most common methods for deploying a digital Spin to Win game are:

Via the shopper’s mobile device:
Spin chances are awarded instantly once the minimum participation criterion is fulfilled.

Via the mall’s game administrator’s mobile device:
The game is typically administered by a mall customer service officer (CSO) via a tablet. This is used to validate the shopper’s transactions, after which the awarded game chances would be displayed on the device screen. The CSO would then tap on the wheel to start the 'spin' and award the physical prizes. Digital prizes would also be awarded instantly on the spot, typically to the shopper’s e-wallet in the form of e-vouchers, coupons, membership points, or digital gift cards.

Regardless of which method you choose even the weariest shoppers can’t resist trying their luck!

Placewise is experienced in rendering exciting and engaging end-to-end digital games to our clients. From design to game development, and user testing to actual deployment.

Recognising that this is a perennial favorite appreciated by our clients, our team is pleased to introduce our updated iPad Lucky Spin game module. Clients who have subscribed to this service can now access the update directly in the system and be in control of the designs, shaving off valuable time to deployment. A comprehensive user guide is available to all new client subscribers to help you get started. This self-serve module offers 3 default designs and also the option to easily upload a design of choice to the template.

Keen to deploy this game for your shoppers? We would love to hear from you.

Download the pdf here:
A Digital Spin On A Shopper Favorite