AMP For Mobile Has Arrived

Feb 3, 2017

AMP For Mobile Has Arrived

It's clear by now that mobile has taken up permanent residence on the boulevard of all things digital. And that's why Google has chosen to embrace the Accelerated Mobile Pages standard (or AMP) that has a search preference to publisher pages that use the AMP standard (and yes, as a shopping center, Google sees you as a "publisher").

AMP limits the file sizes that are used for mobile pages and caches them to keep them ready to download. That equals faster page loads. So as Google makes it decision on which pages to show you on your mobile phone, it considers AMP when it does so and starting this month, it will prefer AMP over non-AMP pages.

Now that doesn't mean that all is lost if you're not AMP compliant at this time. We are seeing it mostly on news sites that fight for your clicks. Try searching any trending news topic and see the AMP notice (which sometimes looks like a little lightning bolt icon) on the results. Try them and compare non-AMP sites to AMP sites. Much faster...

When it comes to retail, there is still work to do. Very few retailers have adopted AMP but the direction is clear: AMP is coming. For shopping centers, who experienced 75% mobile traffic over Black Friday 2016, it is important to be aware of AMP and have a plan. PlaceWise is currently implementing AMP for all Content articles and Events, and will add Products and Movies when Google is ready to index them!

Let us know if you have any questions about AMP or any other mobile questions.

Download the pdf here:
AMP For Mobile Has Arrived