Consolidate Data With MPC

Dec 3, 2019

Consolidate Data With The Mall Performance Cloud

The number of digital interactions with consumers before, during and after mall visits are increasing with the introduction of new services such as WIFI infrastructure, digital parking solutions, digital footfall tracking, and Click & Collect – Combined with a huge amount of behavior data from digital marketing activities across all platforms and channels, malls are struggling to consolidate data from the existing silos into one unified layer that can help them understand their customers better and create new services.

The Mall Performance Cloud is specially built to enable fast and agile integrations, so malls can use the available data to build truly personalized customer journeys across all channels and platforms including e-mail, SMS, apps, web, social and digital advertising.

By consolidating data, you will also get the complete overview of all consumer interactions across all touchpoints in the Boostcom Analytics module.

Boostcom is proud of being able to do fast and agile integrations with our clients’ and 3rd parties’ data. By developing APIs that allow integrations directly into our core platform, we consider ourselves at the forefront of integrating with any proximity, advertising or POS vendor as well as creating our own innovative APIs. We also make sure that all of our integrations are 100 % GDPR compliant.

We offer the following integrations for our clients:

  • Proximity integrations
  • Advertising integrations
  • POS integrations

All of our integrations also come with fully combined business intelligence analysis and reporting in The Mall Performance Cloud.


Proximity integrations are aimed at gaining an understanding of consumer behaviour in and around the physical mall.

Boostcom completes proximity integrations for parking, Wi-Fi, geo-fencing, Beacons and footfall data. These integrations are perfect as a source to complete location-based campaigns and distributing content to consumers based on consumer visits or proximity to a location.

  • Parking integrations are great for giving loyalty rewards in the form of free parking and recruit new members.
  • Wi-Fi is still very relevant to shopping center customers – and a great communication and recruitment channel.
  • Geo-fencing lets you set-up zones around malls and distributes messages to people who enter this zone, with lots of flexibility to manage frequency and timing to coincide with opening hours.
  • With Beacons, a mall can increase consumption and send close-proximity push messaging.
  • Footfall tracking gives a consolidated data-view of the physical touch-points of a shopping mall.


Our DMP enables data-driven digital advertising for recruitment and loyalty club consumption through integrations with ad-tech platforms and a DMP integration with Facebook and Instagram.

Using Boostcom DMP Audiences to power Digital Advertising

Through our API integrations we can leverage the Facebook advertising API and media agency API integrations to use all segmentation capabilities of the Advanced Audience Manager (AAM) to run very precisely targeted CRM Advertising; such as, lookalike audience targeting to recruit audiences with similar profiles to existing loyalty member and; member/non-member targeting to show offers or a recruitment message.

POS INTEGRATIONS with transactional data, bonus/reward-schemes, and digital receipt-handling allows our clients to combine POS data with loyalty member profiles in Boostcom DMP.


The Mall Performance Cloud enables synchronization of members with third-party vendors and vice versa. Our clients are also able to synchronize their loyalty coupons with external sources such as an app (not provided by Boostcom) or their own website.


All data through our integrations can be fed directly into our state of the art POWER BI reporting tool in The Mall Performance Cloud. The analytical power gained by combining integrations with our fully integrated POWER BI reporting solutions gives unparalleled insights into consumer behaviour.

Contact us if you want more information about how you can do data integrations with The Mall Performance Cloud.

Download the pdf here:
Consolidate Data With MPC