Consumers Are Seeking Information

Consumers Are Seeking Information

Mar 19, 2020

Consumers Are Seeking Information

We looked across the 500+ shopping center websites that we manage to see how consumers were informing themselves about status at the shopping center. So, for all your efforts to send emails, update websites and create information pages on your sites, you should know it is reaching your customers.

Here’s what we’ve seen over the past week:

  • Traffic increased in this timeframe.  
  • The first four days of this week (Sun 3/15 – Wed 3/18) saw a 28% increase over the same period the week before.
  • In the last 2 days (Tue 3/17 – Wed 3/18) we saw a 46% increase over the same period the week before and a 52% increase over the average Tue/Wed during the year.

We expect the numbers to flatten as policies normalize across the nation and people adjust to new behaviors.

What content are they seeking?

  • In the last 7 days, 65% of all traffic was visiting pages with information on COVID-19 and Health and Safety.
  • During the same period, consumers opened over 810,000 emails delivered by our clients about COVID19.

The general take away is mall websites have become an important resource for consumers looking for essential services, products and sustenance during this unparalleled time.

The entirety of the spike in traffic we’ve seen over the last two days is attributable to this information.

Long term. We think this continues with post pandemic visitation continuing to seek hours and openings content as well as Job information, for which many people will be searching.  

We’ll keep publishing what we know as we know it.

Stay well.

Download the pdf here:
Consumers Are Seeking Information