Digital to Physical Ad Attribution

Oct 8, 2018

Digital to Physical Advertising Attribution

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ROI for online to offline advertising can be hard to track. While the calculated placement of tracking pixels can track the online purchase path from start to finish, it’s traditionally required that an advertiser use coupons or barcoded email offers to track offline redemptions fully. Difficulties are compounded for shopping centers that have limited access to register receipts and loyalty spend information coming from retailers.

Placewise is now utilizing geo-spatial data to show offline movement of devices to shopping centers that have been exposed to shopping center messaging.

How it Works:

Data coming from mobile app publishers, mobile ad networks and carriers, allows for devices to be seen on premise. Devices seen on premise are matched back to a home location where additional demo and purchase propensity data is applied.

After the audience has been defined, a display advertising is served. When a shoppers device is picked up inside the Shopping Centers geofence area, it is matched back to identify if that shopper was exposed to the marketing campaign.

ROI is calculated by multiplying the average spends per visitor figure against the number of visitors observed in this process. Placewise’s to Physical Advertising Attribution goes beyond traditional click through metrics to give you a deeper understanding of the effects of your advertising campaigns.

Take advantage of this new attribution based advertising service from Placewise by speaking to an account rep or sales person today! Don’t delay, the holidays are already upon us.

Download the pdf here:
Digital to Physical Ad Attribution