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E-Commerce for Shopping Centres?

Oct 20, 2020

E-Commerce For Shopping Centres?

Introducing Placewise Marketplace, The E-Commerce Solution For Shopping Centres


In 2012 UK retailer, Argos is credited with coining the term “Click and Collect” for their order online, pick up in store process, and for many retailers and consumers the gap between physical shopping, and shopping online has been narrowing ever since.  For the most part however, shopping centres have remained at the periphery of the online and offline retail convergence.


Shopping Centers have always been marketplaces in the physical world, now is the time for them to become the local marketplace online too, with Placewise Marketplace.  Our Marketplace for the retail real estate industry is a full end- to- end e-commerce and fulfillment solution that is seamlessly integrated into the Mall Performance Cloud (MPC)

Why Should Shopping Centres Become Digital Marketplaces?

·  A Marketplace provides a unique starting point to owning a big share of the local catchment area and digital reach

·  Shopping Centres are a natural logistical hub for efficient delivery and pick-up

·  Offline sales drive online sales and vice versa. Be sure to gain from the complete ecosystem, not just half

·  Replicate the physical shopping centre experience by allowing shoppers to browse a local product catalog online

·  Multiple brands available in a single check-out experience to replicate the convenience of the shopping Centre experience online

·  Nobody knows better how to run a marketplace than a shopping centre

Placewise's ecommerce Marketplace Solution for shopping malls:

·  Purpose built Marketplace for Shopping Centres connecting shoppers directly to tenants

·  Aggregates product data from thousands of retailers with available multi brand local product catalogue through which consumers can browse and purchase in a single order, for home delivery or pick-up

·  As an online Marketplace the Shopping Centre becomes a local, efficient product warehouse, and delivery/ fulfillment hub

·  Enables additional incremental revenue for Shopping Centre and tenants from online transactions via ecommerce


Mall enabled e-commerce gives shopping centers the ability to capture additional revenue as an online Marketplace, and provides retailers with more sales and more cost efficient and convenient fulfillment.  For shoppers it means a modern frictionless shopping experience, with the ease and selection they expect.

Download the pdf here:
E-Commerce for Shopping Centres?