Placewise Peep: Eric Levy

Nov 1, 2018

Get to Know Your Placewise Peep: Eric Levy

Name: Eric Levy

Position: Application Engineer

Hometown: Deerfield, Illinois (north suburb of Chicago)

Education: University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.  Major in Communications/Media Studies.

How long have you worked at Placewise? 10 years and 11 months.

How long have you been in Colorado?  I’ve been in Colorado for 14 years.  I moved here in 2004 - a little bit after after graduating from college.  I lived in Boulder for three years, and then I got a job at Mallfinder Network (PlaceWise’s former name) and commuted to Denver from Boulder.  After commuting for about six months or so, I decided it was time to make the move down to Denver and I have been here since.

What is your favorite restaurant in Denver / Colorado? One of my favorites is Jax Fish House, it’s downtown across from Union station. Another one of my favorites is TAG, which is in Larimer Square - about a block from the office.  

What’s your favorite thing to do in Colorado? I love music, so going to Red Rocks Amphitheater (one of the best music venues in this country) is high on the list.  I also enjoy skiing, and my favorite places to ski are Vail and Beaver Creek.

What was the first / favorite concert you ever went to? My first concert was Michael Jackson on the Bad tour in 1988 at the Rosemont Horizon.  My favorite show was probably Phish at Deer Creek Amphitheater on 7/11/2000. Phish is my absolute favorite…I’ve seen them just shy of 150 times.  For a non-Phish favorite show, I’d have to go with Daft Punk at Red Rocks in 2007. That was an experience like no other.

What’s your favorite social media platform? I try not to get too sucked into social media.  I have a Facebook and Twitter account, but I’m mostly a consumer - I rarely post on either platform.  I recently started using the iPhone screen time feature to make sure I don’t spend too much time on my phone looking at either.

Favorite podcast(s)? I love podcasts!  I listen to them all the time.  The ones I regularly listen to are: Pardon My Take (Sports), Spittin Chiclets (Hockey), Tuesdays with Stories (comedy), The Joe Rogan Experience (everything), Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast (comedy). Also, I’ve recently gotten into Reply All, which is different than the rest and can be described as “a podcast about the internet.”

Summer or winter? Fall

Coffee or tea? Coffee

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Back to Australia.  I was there for about three weeks in 2003, and I’ve been itching to go back.

If you could only eat one thing/meal the rest of your life, what would it be and why? A good salad, king crab legs, steak, and some salted caramel chocolate dessert.

In another life/parallel universe, what would your career be? An athlete, musician, or a physicist/astronaut.

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Placewise Peep: Eric Levy