Placewise Peep: Matt Morris

Jul 5, 2018

Get to Know Your Placewise Peep: Matt Morris

Name: Matt Morris

Position: Lead Application Developer

Hometown: Mountain Grove, MO

How long have you worked at Placewise?  5 years

How long have you been in Denver, and why did you move here? 2000ish… Have you ever been to Missouri?

What’s the one trip, activity, or event you’re looking forward to the most this year? HOPE - Hackers on Planet Earth - weekend of technology conference on security, technology and art/design by 2600 Magazine.

Tell us about your pets and why you love them… Or hate them?? I have two cats - Quantum & Fury, Quantum has the most high pitched meow (you can often heard him on calls!) Fury is all black with extra digits.

What was the first concert you ever went to? Goo Goo Dolls - My ride bailed and I got stuck on the wrong side of town. I ended up hanging out all night in a dinner till the busses start running again.

If you could only eat one thing/meal the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Pizza! New York style cheese or pepperoni

What is your favorite bar or restaurant in Denver?  Denver Pizza Company or Anthony’s Pizza

Favorite ice cream? I could win an ice cream eating contest, I have a real talent for ingesting desserts.

Favorite ice cream spot in Denver? Milkbar at Union Station salted Oreo

Favorite Placewise moment? Launching the API!

What’s the last item you crossed off your bucket list? Learning how to do a kong - a type of Parkour move where you vault over an object  I practice parkour at Apex Movement.

How often Do you Parkour? On the weekends and evenings - light rail station near my house. It’s all about learning to balance and move your body in an efficient way.

In another life/parallel universe, what would your career be? Comic book artist

What’s your favorite social media platform? Github - social coding. Follow other coders and companies to see what they are building. But of the social media your asking about - Instagram.

Favorite coding language? Ruby and also JavaScript

Someone is after you and you have to take a fake name what would it be? Fake name - i’m not going to tell you, cause that will ruin the plan

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Placewise Peep: Matt Morris