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Give Your Retailers an App

Jun 1, 2021

Give Your Retailers an App

Shopping centres have two main constituents, shoppers and their retail tenants.  Most centres have a good handle on fostering strong relationships with their shoppers. Still, high associate turnover, irregular schedules, and demanding levels of responsibilities can make communication and support between a retailer's staff and the centre management team difficult, time-consuming, and ineffective.


The Placewise Tenant Connect solution streamlines communication and strengthens the relationship between the mall management team and their retail tenants.



1. User Management - Reduce manual processes, manage user access on the store and mall level, and increase efficiency so tenants and centre management can focus on driving value.

2. Tenant Directory - Create a single source of information for store managers, staff and the mall management team.

3. Content Collection -Improve marketing activity by automating the collection of marketing assets from tenants (e.g. coupons).

4.  EmergencyAlerts – quickly send SMS and push messages from mall management via the app

5.  TurnoverReporting – 3 click turnover reporting with automatic notifications.

7.  DocumentManager – Send key documents and receive read confirmations through the app.

8. One-Way Messaging – Email, SMS, and push messages from mall management via the app.


And we have even more exciting features in the works like:

News & Event Invitations, Staff Only Offers,Dashboard, Maintenance & Repair Reporting, Tenant Rewards, Chat and more


There has never been a more critical time for retailers and landlords to work together as partners.

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Download the pdf here:
Give Your Retailers an App