Introducing Boostcom Data Management Platform

Apr 10, 2019

Introducing Boostcom Data Management Platform

Our new Data Management Platform is live – providing you with new, juicy opportunities that help to truly understand what your customers are doing in the physical and digital space. In combination with our extensive Boostcom Mall Loyalty solution, the platform delivers targeted communication in all relevant channels based on consumers’ actual behaviour, context and preferences.

The audience manager feature in the DMP has been crafted to meet customers’ complex requirements in a in a shopping centre world where the customers expect relevant messages in their preferred channel. The platform enables you to interact and communicate more effectively with your own customers using advanced segmentation opportunities.

The Boostcom DMP includes following key functions:

  • Communication to the members based on actual behaviour and context
  • Possibility to build unique segments per channel
  • Possibility to connect third party data via API (e.g Parking, Wifi, Footfall)
  • Complete overview of all data sources connected to DMP
  • Sophisticated reporting system

Does this expansion solve any of your problems? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Download the pdf here:
Introducing Boostcom Data Management Platform