Monthly Musings - May 2019

May 6, 2019

Monthly Musings - May 2019

By Wooga Yoo - Existential pacifist and aesthete…with bad knees

Our VP of Operations has a wild imagination and has great joy for the little things in life. “Monthly Musings” is the newest addition to the PlaceWise blog where you can enjoy Wooga’s thoughts, ramblings, and perspectives. Check back on the first Monday of each month to see what Wooga’s been thinking about. Thoughts are his own.

Dogs: We’re a dog friendly environment. Dogs are great. They know how to have fun, are full of energy, running around the office and yipping at things. Dogs are natural and spontaneous, full of exuberance and love - and are also capable of courage and self-sacrificing idealism. I can characterize a number of PlaceWise personnel like dogs. It’s a good thing.

Loud Noises: We have a gong. It’s used to announce the launch of a new client and it’s a nerve rattling event. The metallic shrill carried by a deep timbre rolls like a tidal wave through the office. Awful and pleasant at the same time, it is startling, even when prepared for it. I tolerate the cacophony with patient forbearance. Employees think it’s hilarious. Sigh…

Experiences: We recently took a team abroad to evaluate product integration with a company in Europe. The vetting was thorough, the exercise positive. But almost as importantly, we saw beautiful landscapes. We immersed ourselves in thousands of years of history. We drank and danced with Dionysian revelry. And we know each other a little bit better. I’m still recovering from that one.

About Me: I am given to sudden bouts of passionate enthusiasm for stupid things - open to a whimsical pleasure in the accidental, champion of the immediate, reflective, detached, fragmented in spirit, and many other things. But to be forever amused, to be continuously engaged; these are drivers of my behavior.

Our Community: Like in all environments, diversity shapes perspective. The broader the diversity, the broader the perspective - individually and within a group. I value our individuals and their contribution to corporate heterogeneity. I admire the relationships within our team that cut across salient demographic, cultural, and interest-driven boundaries. But in no way am I presenting our environment as better than others. Only that I smile when I witness creativity out of different perspectives.

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Monthly Musings - May 2019