Jobs 2.0 in RetailHub

May 19, 2020

NEW Employment Management - Jobs 2.0 in RetailHub

As the shopping center industry re-emerges, your tenants are going to be eager to get back to business - and that means employees will be needed. Not only in traditional positions, but also for new positions that have been created to support customer service options that didn’t exist before.

To meet the anticipated demand, we have improved the user experience, and refined, streamlined, and enhanced the Employment Management functions in RetailHub.

We are also rolling out updates to the Jobs Page and Job Detail Page on our shopping center websites.* These updates include: filters for applicants to select their preference from categories like Restaurant, Entertainment or Retail jobs, and the ability to “Apply” directly from the job listing detail page.

For more information on the update, check out the updated RetailHub Guide.

*Certain older designs may not support the new Jobs Pages.

Download the pdf here:
Jobs 2.0 in RetailHub