Our Top Tips for WFH

Feb 22, 2021

Our Top Tips for Working from Home

After almost a year of working from home off and on (depending on where home is) you’ve probably settled into an adequate routine. We asked our team members at Placewise for tips on taking our WFH game to the next level and thought you might be looking for some new ideas to “refresh” your work from home experience too.


Jeff: “Routine drives mental energy” - Even before the days of Zoom and Google Hangouts, I discovered many years ago that there is a mindset to being the most productive WFH. For me, it was to keep my "go to the office" routine.  That meant that a consistent time for waking, eating, dressing (in work clothes, not casual), and being at my desk.


Berit: For me personally, planning my day is everything - It is important to be structured - and it is entirely up to you to create this structure. Create tasks/lists if that helps you. If you are like me and have a tendency to procrastinate, then it is extra important to make a to-do-list and find ways to structure the day.Set deadlines for your work tasks - schedule time in your calendar for the bigger tasks. It is important to take breaks as well - you can set clear boundaries in your schedule so you remember to take frequent breaks - I set alarms on my phone that rings when it is time to take a break so I don't forget- and to feel connected to my colleagues, I schedule digital lunches &coffee breaks where we can talk about other things than work.


Stephanie: Take breaks! It's so easy to get into "the zone" and the next thing you know it's been hours in the same room, in the same position. Get up and at the very least s-t-r-e-t-c-h. You'll be more productive and it’s good for your mental and physical health.


Kjetil: When work in a state of mind and not a place, the state of mind necessarily has to be a purposeful one, and this does the trick for me.


Carolina: Plan your day: include breaks, lunch and space between calls to read emails and respond to clients. Be camera ready:  Use video calls and your camera. It’s more personal for clients and it makes you get out of those pyjamas/ PJs!


Cristian: Structure your day ahead, remember to take brakes and go out for some fresh air, it will help boost your productivity. If possible, once a week try to meet some colleagues for a coffee or lunch. But my best tip is: Don't get up from your chair in a video meeting, you never know if you are wearing your office pants.

Roar: Get up and out and have good breaks. Keep good eating routines. Eat a good breakfast and good lunch away from your working station. Create lists with working tasks that you are supposed to do throughout the day to secure a certain level of efficiency.

Anders: Dedicated space to work. Good chair. Natural light. Coffee machine.

Ilia: Each morning define 3 important things to do and get those done first.

Linsday: I’ve been remote for a while as well and taking breaks, even if it’s just to another room or outside to disengage my brain for a moment is a big help. Also, trying not to eat lunch at my desk and to give myself that break is also a great way to recharge.  This one may sound silly, but it really does help, add plants to your desk or office area!

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Our Top Tips for WFH