Scala Pioneers Carbon Offset Shopping

Oct 6, 2022

Scala Pioneers Carbon Offset Shopping

You don’t have to be rich and famous or own a private jet to create CO2 emissions. Our personal carbon footprint includes omissions from our daily commute, the food we eat, the things we buy, and everything we throw away. Carbon offsets are a way to compensate others for reducing or offsetting carbon emissions created by someone else. Each carbon offset equals one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalence reduction. Scala is pioneering a program that demonstrates its commitment to the environment, and makes it easy for consumers to help decrease their carbon footprint.

In partnership with Scala, Placewise has created a new sustainability module for the Marketplace Performance Cloud, available through the Kuben Senter consumer app. This green initiative was part of an innovation project that has become a cornerstone of Scala’s global sustainability strategy. Members can use the app to “check-in” by scanning a QR code each time they visit the centre. For every ten “check-ins”, Scala will pay carbon capture forest specialists Trefadder to plant a tree, with the goal of planting 1000 trees in 2022. Members may also choose to use rewards points to purchase additional trees. All the trees are planted in Norway, and shoppers can see their exact location on a map provided by project partner Trefadder.

“ This initiative is very near and dear to the entire Placewise team. Scala is leading the way in innovation in so many areas of the business. Providing an everyday reminder to shoppers and making a financial commitment to sustainability offers a very tangible example to all of us of the actions we can take that can have a very significant impact over time.” Kristian Nordtømme, CCO Placewise

Scala has also created a dedicated area within Kuben Senter to promote the sustainability initiative and has introduced a product rental module within Shop Kuben, their online marketplace.

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Scala Pioneers Carbon Offset Shopping