Scala-vision -Scala Eiendom’s Next Gen Websites

May 3, 2023

Scala-vision - Early Returns For Scala Eiendom’s Next Gen Websites

Most people, apart from aesthetics, think a website is, well, just a website. And in many cases sadly, they wouldn’t be wrong.  But Scala Eiendom doesn’t continually best their peers, delivering stronger turnover and market share growth, by thinking like most people.  The team at Scala had a very specific vision for their portfolio of 22 center’s new websites which were developed in partnership with Placewise and launched during 2022. Take a look at  Scala’s website requirements and keep reading to see their impressive early impact.

  1. First and foremost Scala wanted to create a holistic customer journey across all consumer facing touchpoints and give their customers a more personalized web experience by offering them the opportunity to express their preferences, likes, and interests in a personal profile that is used to tailor their online experience. 

  1. Also important was that these new websites be completely integrated into their center’s loyalty programs and customer data platforms so with each digital interaction Scala’s centres got to know their customers even better. 

  1. The centre’s new website designs should be beautiful, inspiring, and reflective of each centre’s unique market and brand, while balancing economy and development time.


  1. The websites should have a robust Content Management System (CMS) that was purpose built for shopping centres and would make it easy to self manage and display all of the typical information shopping centres need to provide.  The CMS should also be accessible by tenants so they may provide their own content and updates such as sales or job vacancies.

According to Kristian Nordtomme, Chief Commercial Officer at Placewise “Scala entrusting us with their new websites is a point of pride for our entire Placewise team.  Scala, and clients like them are steps ahead of the pack. They think about where they want their centres to be tomorrow, and five years from now.  That vision continues to influence our own product development.  But it’s Scala’s consistently solid results that confirm where retail real estate and the modern shopping experience are headed, and help others in the industry embrace what’s next.”  

In addition to meeting Scala’s goal for vendor consolidation and full integration of their loyalty programs, mobile apps, and websites, their property, Bøsenteret, Midt-Telemark's largest shopping center, experienced a dramatic increase in coupon usage, and a full 84% of new loyalty members opted in from the centre’s new Placewise website with advanced CMS, unique customer profile capability and enhanced coupon functionality.

Check out a few of Scala’s new websites below and if you want to know more about what makes them so much more than “just a website” -  Let’s Talk.

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Download the pdf here:
Scala-vision -Scala Eiendom’s Next Gen Websites