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Seppä Centre to become Finland's First To Reward Shoppers

May 25, 2023

Seppä Shopping Centre to become the First Finnish Centre To Reward Shoppers For Their Loyalty

Seppä Shopping Center is Central Finland's largest and most successful shopping center. The LEED certified center is 50,000 m2 and owned by LähiTapiola. This June Seppä will become the first Finnish shopping center to reward their loyal customers for their purchases and behavior through Seppä Klub. 

The new mobile loyalty application will also strengthen interaction and communication with customers. According to the shopping center director Mikko Seppälä, “Customers have been hoping for a loyalty application for a long time.”  “Remaining Central Finland's largest shopping center and market leader requires us to listen to our customers' wishes and respond to them. The loyalty application that our customers want makes everyday transactions easier, adds value to shopping, and builds a more experiential and better shopping center in many ways”, says Seppälä.

The Seppä Klub app will provide shoppers quick and convenient access to the center’s news, events, promotions and other helpful information in one place. For shoppers that sign up to the Seppä Klub, the app can be used to see their rewards balances, and view personal discounts and offers which can be tailored to their preferences, behaviors and interests.  Seppä Klub members earn points for every purchase, including restaurant and service purchases that can be used to claim rewards and other benefits.

In addition to purchases, Seppä Klub members will earn points for things like joining the club, birthdays, redeeming coupons, and even just visiting the shopping centre. In addition to offers and benefits, customers will receive news content that is more relevant to them, for example based on interests, fashion genre and  and even  camping equipment tips. In the future, once the app is launched it will also provide easy access to opening hours of the shopping center, store directory and other important center information. 

Valuable insights

The operations team at Seppä also receives valuable information from the application, which they will use to develop the shopping center further and build an even better customer experience. Customer’s behavior data will flow into the CRM-system in use, giving both the landlord and the marketing management extremely valuable information. Based on insights from the loyalty club, Seppä will be able to target their communication and strengthen their relevance in terms of better communication towards the customers. 

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Seppä Centre to become Finland's First To Reward Shoppers