Shopper Engagement Through Digital Services

Aug 4, 2021

Shopper Engagement Through Digital Services

In a world where technology has greatly changed the way we live, consumer behaviors have also experienced a drastic impact. Information is readily available and accessible to all kinds of shoppers through the click of a button, which has made consumers more careful about their purchasing habits.

Now, most people begin their buying journey online, conducting multiple searches, reading reviews, and consuming product information that will help them decide whether or not to buy a particular product or service. Consumers are smarter and they’re looking for more — they want value, convenience and they want to be engaged.  They want their specific needs met.

With more and more businesses beginning to recognize the principles of new consumer behavior, it’s vital that your shopping center is able to adapt and keep up with the digital era. Part of that effort is fostering shopper engagement through digital-first solutions.

Placewise’s shopper engagement software the Mall Performance Cloud allows malls, mixed use developments, and all kinds of shopping places to improve the digital experiences of customers by leveraging data. With a database of information about your shoppers, you can better reach them through multiple digital touchpoints and provide personalized messages that influence their behaviors and drive more sales.

Improve Shopping Experience

For brick-and-mortar businesses, customer engagement is often put on the back burner. But the transient nature of a shoppers makes it more important to keep customers engaged so that they continue coming back for more. You can do this by tapping into their shopping experiences.

In the digital-first world, consumers are looking for convenience — the ability to learn more about a product or service and make their purchase as easy as possible. Hence, the importance of fostering an omnichannel shopping experience.

By using our shopper engagement software, you can make it easier for your customers to get what they want, whenever and wherever they are — be it in-store, in-app, or on your website. Among multiple digital features, Placewise’s software can help you:

● Offer contactless coupon codes, discounts, and vouchers

● Give real-time updates on any device or platform

● Create location-triggered messages

Keep Customers Coming Back

Shopping centers see a high volume of people a day — some ready to make a purchase, others not quite. So despite the volume of foot traffic, these visits don’t always translate to high revenue. Many shopping malls craft their marketing strategies to reach the general market, but if you want your foot traffic to convert, you need to target the right people. These are your loyal customers.

Customer retention has always been the most important aspect of marketing, and it’s more crucial for places such as shopping centers. In fact, many retailers report that loyal customers account for 55% to 70% of their overall sales.

Placewise’s shopper engagement software can help you drive repeat purchases through the following features and more:

● Personalized messages that leverage past purchase data

● Seamless loyalty program enrollment

● Loyal customer segmenting for more personalized customer experiences

Drive More Sales

By improving the customer journey and tapping into your most loyal customers, you can structure your marketing in a way that drives more sales and boosts your ROI. The Placewise Mall Performance Cloud platform provides you with all the customer data and information you need to create more specific, targeted, and personalized strategies to suit your different customer markets.

This information, coupled with features that help you implement your shopper engagement tactics, can optimize your income and increase your bottom line.

Digital Services for Enhanced Shopper Engagement

The Mall Performance Cloud provides digital-first solutions that allow you to improve shopper experiences and engagement. Among the features of our software include:


It goes without saying that every business needs to have a website. This is where potential customers will find information about you and where many aspects of the customer journey will take place. Hence, the importance of creating a website that is informative, dynamic, customized, and seamless.

Our software can help you create a responsive website that is designed to increase your visibility, engage your potential consumers, and drive more foot traffic to your shopping mall.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps make it easy for your shoppers to find information, get products, and enjoy promotions, discounts and rewards. This translates to more engaged customers. Placewise can help you create a mobile app that provides a personalized experience for every shopper and fosters a convenient way of interacting with and making a purchase from your shopping center.

Content Services

Content is king in the information age. Our software can help you collect and create rich content that suits any device or platform. Whether for promotions, announcements, editorial content, or product information, our content API can deliver them in the best way, to the right audience, at the right time.

Digital Media & Advertising

Marketing efforts only work when delivered to the right people. The Placewise shopper engagement software can collect information about your customers through a comprehensive consumer data platform.

Gain access to the geographic, demographic, and psychographic information of your target market, as well as their behaviors and past interactions to create ads and marketing efforts that suit each unique customer. Learn more about social and digital marketing ideas for shopping malls.

Collect Data Through WiFi

Our Wi-Fi digital solutions allow you to safely collect information about your customers when they connect to your center’s wifi. This includes valuable data on consumer demographics, store interactions, location-triggering, and more. Through collected data, you can deliver more personalized messages to both new and returning shoppers.

Boost shopper engagement and drive more sales with Placewise’s Mall performance Cloud. Reach out to us today to learn more about our digital services.

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Shopper Engagement Through Digital Services