Stress Less on Easter

Apr 8, 2020

Stress Less on Easter

Promoting Easter Takeout at Your Center

Easter Brunch/Lunch/Dinner is a tradition for many families. And It’s not too late to send a quick reminder to your shoppers about Easter Takeout from your open restaurants. Restaurants - corporate and independent - all employ members of our communities, and they are struggling to stay open. Every little bit helps as they try to navigate this crisis. Time is of the essence here so here we go…

Step 1: Find out who is open this Easter Sunday.  Here is a nice article on some large restaurants that plan to be open for curbside or takeout. Many of them are frequently found at shopping centers. See if that helps narrow the field, but don’t overlook just asking your restaurants.  

Step 2: Create a good subject headline. Make it clear and obvious - something as simple as “Easter Brunch Carry Out at [Your Center Name]” will work. Don’t overthink it.

Step 3: Create your email and be sure to include the names of all your restaurants and link to your restaurants page. You can even create an event page on your site to list the Easter only restaurants. If you need help with this, call your account manager or use our Restaurant Messaging Guide which will walk you through the steps.

Step 4: Send! Send it to your whole list. And don’t forget to think about leaning in to order for your own family!

Stay well and enjoy a bit of a break this Easter Sunday!

Download the pdf here:
Stress Less on Easter