Video Content is King

Jan 18, 2019

Video Content is King in 2019

By Channing Morris - Director of Product, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger, Phish Phan

Before the holiday madness set in I had the chance to attend The Digital Summit Conference in Denver to learn more about trends in Content Marketing for 2019. The number one thing every speaker touched on was… video. Video content is the hottest, coolest kid in marketing right now and is here to stay! From Snapchat and Instagram stories to long form content on Youtube, Video Content is marketing’s newest darling.

Here are some stats to really drive home that video content is king:

  • 100 million hours of video are watched each day on Facebook
  • 80% of traffic in 2020 will be video
  • 90% of Americans ages 25 - 34 watch online video
  • One-third of online activity is spent watching video

Why is video so popular?

Video is a fast and easy way to digest information and can feel very real and personal at the same time. When trying to learn something new, consumers are searching for how-to videos rather than how-to articles. “Going Live” is almost as good as being there in person. With user pushback against over-stylized Instagram feeds, “going live” gives followers a raw, real take on a brand or influencer’s life. And of course, above all, video is engaging. Video content on Facebook and Instagram preforms much higher than any other post type.

Not Just for Watching

Video will soon be the dominant way we not only consume content but how we communicate as well. Snapchat created waves when it introduced its ephemeral video platform, Instagram and Facebook quickly followed suit, creating their own video features. These social media platforms are no longer about broadcasting to followers, rather video chatting 1-on-1 with friends and followers.

Facebook and Amazon, are all now duking it out to be your in home video chat device of choice. Facebook Portal, introduced this Fall, created a stationary in-home video chat device similar to the Amazon Echo Show and the Google Hub. Will 2019 bring a similar home video device from Apple? You can bet on it!

How can you start using video content today

Now that you know video content is here to stay it’s time to start incorporating it into your marketing strategy. Users are no longer liking but watching, and striving to create engaging video content daily for your shoppers.

Tips for creating engaging content

  1. Tell A Story - Just like every good movie, an engaging movie has a beginning, middle and end. Set your shoppers up with a storyline and continue telling the story throughout your video.
  2. Access - People want access! Give your shoppers a behind-the-scenes look at an event or new arrivals that have just hit the shelves.

The number 1 step to creating great video content - press record! Content doesn’t have to be pixel perfect; going live or posting a quick video of events at your center is a great way to start.

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Video Content is King