We Have Your CCPA Solution

Dec 16, 2019

We Have Your CCPA Solution

As a company with a business operating in California, there are a number of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations you must comply with by 2020. PlaceWise is here to help you navigate these regulations and comply with them all in full.

As your service provider, PlaceWise has taken the necessary steps to comply with CCPA’s regulations and we’ve created PlaceWise Compliance Services - a fully compliant package to give you peace of mind when it comes to CCPA. Implementing this package will require minimal effort on your end, and no downtime for your sites.

The PlaceWise Compliance Services package is your fully compliant solution for all aspects of your digital footprint including consumer request for data via web or toll free number, a process to track and delete a consumer’s data if requested, and a tool to give consumers the ability to control what data is being collected on your shopping center website. To learn more about CCPA, check out our webinar from December 17th.

Cookie Management

As a consumer, CCPA gives consumers the right to opt out of having their personal data collected by you, the shopping center, and any other service providers such as Google Analytics or Facebook (Facebook advertising). PlaceWise will provide a cookie banner, which gives consumers the controls required by CCPA to manage their data.

  • The PlaceWise Cookie Banner will:
  • Allow consumers to turn on and off cookies they do not wish to collect their data
  • Comply with all CCPA regulations
  • Automatically update when a new cookie is added
  • Match your site’s current branding

Consumer Request For Data

CCPA gives consumers the right to request what personal data is being collected about them as well as the right to delete it. Companies must give consumers two ways to make requests, verify the request, track these requests, and safely delete any personal data that has been collected if requested, all within the required time frame.

Two Methods of Consumer Request - Our PlaceWise Compliance Service includes an easy-to-use webform for consumer data request and a toll free number operated and maintained by PlaceWise.  

Identity Verification - PlaceWise will comply with all regulations in order to ensure the consumer who requested their data is in fact verified as that consumer.

Tracking - Under CCPA, a company must log each consumer request. Our PlaceWise Compliance Services include the appropriate logging & tracking information to comply.

Request & Deletion - If a deletion is requested, PlaceWise has created a method to quickly and safely access, send, and delete a consumer’s data.

Privacy Policy Compliance

With CCPA, your site’s Privacy Policy must outline the methods on which consumer data is collected and managed. This includes listing all collection methods such as Google Analytics. PlaceWise will update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes that are made to these methods on your website.

Data Security

CCPA requires that any company that stores or retains consumers’ personal information use “reasonable security” measures to protect it. In 2016, the California Attorney General’s Office released its 2016 Data Breach Report which included guidelines to help understand what ‘reasonable’ means.  

PlaceWise has always (and will continue to) provide your shopper data with the highest level of security using industry-leading technology and processes.


How will this affect my site?
After implementation of GDPR, you may have noticed cookie banners on many websites you visit daily. The PlaceWise cookie banner will look similar. This banner will alert users that they have the option to control what personal data is being collected about them. The cookie banner placed on your site will be in-line with your center’s branding.

How will this affect my shoppers?
Your shoppers will have more control than ever with the PlaceWise CCPA Package to control and access their data. If a shopper decides they do not want their data to be collected from your site, they will be able to quickly and easily make that request, through the website or toll free number.

Is there any downtime?
No, these new features will not cause downtime for your site.

Check out our webinar from December 17 to get answers to all of your CCPA questions!

Download the pdf here:
We Have Your CCPA Solution