Big Data Analytics for Shopping Centres

Sep 30, 2020

Webinar by Jonathan Solís and Ilia Riaskoff: Big Data Analytics and Advanced Marketing Engagement for Shopping Centres

Content originally posted by our partner, Flame Analytics

Do you work in the management team of a Shopping Center ? You are in luck! Flame Analytics and Placewise present the most advanced platform for big data analytics and engagement marketing as a result of a strategic agreement between both companies.

The integration of both products represents a differential value proposition and a very powerful solution for shopping centers that are already using Cushman & Wakefield Centers.

Ilia Riaskoff , Placewise Commercial Director in Europe and Flame CEO Jonathan Solis presented us in this webinar all the many advantages of the technological union of both companies. They are as follows:

·      You will offer a unique Wi-Fi experience in your shopping center (automatic, personalized, for members, etc.) with which you will be able to retain your visits and that they increase their time ofstay.

·      You will better know the sociodemographic profile of customers and visitors, which will allow you to select different audiences in the marketing tool.

·      You will understand and understand the behavior of your customers: how they move, at what hours,-optionally between which zones-, how long they stay, whether they repeat or not, how many are the unique visitors, etc. and thus you can improve the performance and management of your shopping center.

·      You will improve communication with your visitors, by being able to launch personalized marketing campaigns, based on location or behavior and / or affinities, according to the selected audiences.


Watch full webinar (note, webinar is hosted in Spanish):

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Big Data Analytics for Shopping Centres