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Websites Get Personal

Apr 29, 2021

Websites Get Personal

Shoppers want personalization and it’s our job to give it to them. But in order to create personalized experiences, you need to give shoppers the ability to choose. Placewise websites are designed to put customers in control, allowing them to create a profile and tailor their web experience to their personal preferences.


This personalization increases shopper engagement - and when connected to MPC, it’s exponentially more powerful, creating a solution that consolidates your website and all digital interactions between your centre and your shoppers into a single platform.


From your Placewise website and/or mobile app, shoppers can:


  • “Heart” or “Follow” their favourite stores
  • Select areas of interest like “Children’s Events” or “Beauty”
  • Pick the stores they want to receive deals from
  • Register for events based on their expressed interests 


By creating a personalized profile, shoppers tell us exactly which stores they love and want to receive offers from, which events they’re interested in, and how they prefer to communicate with your centre; SMS or email, for example. Making it easy for shoppers to find the information they want and making centres smarter about their shoppers with each interaction.


Placewise websites are powered by our retail-specific Content Management System, RetailHub. The same system that makes this high level of personalization possible, also streamlines the management of your centres' sales, events, hours, jobs listings information and more. Think more efficient data management, segmentation, and marketing automation with the help of our Data Management Platform, Audience Manager, and Advanced Analytics capabilities.


We’re fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with shopping centres and providing management and ownership teams with end-to-end solutions to realize the benefits of digital technology and data without being overwhelmed by them.


Want to see an example and how it works? Let’s talk!

Download the pdf here:
Websites Get Personal