Wiacom and Placewise Announce Partnership

Jul 5, 2023

Wiacom and Placewise Announce Partnership To Transform the Shopping Experience

In today’s digital age, shopping centers face the challenge of understanding their customers’ behaviors and preferences while delivering personalized experiences. Wiacom, a leading WiFi marketing company, and Placewise, have forged a powerful partnership that revolutionizes how shopping centers collect valuable data and engage with their shoppers, driving exceptional results for one of Bucharest’s most popular shopping malls, Sun Plaza.

Sun Plaza, renowned as one of Bucharest’s top shopping destinations, welcomed an average of 25,000 daily visitors, with peaks reaching up to 55,000.  To launch their loyalty system and increase Sun Plaza Club members, the mall sought a reliable partner. Wiacom and Placewise joined forces to deliver a compliant and exceptional service, ensuring that only 2FA validated information was collected from customers. This fruitful collaboration resulted in hundreds of new club members and provided Sun Plaza with invaluable data for highly targeted direct communication.

The strategic partnership between Wiacom and Placewise has demonstrated the immense potential of combining WiFi marketing and a dedicated CDP in revolutionizing the shopping center experience. By collecting valuable insights, enabling personalized communication, and enhancing shopper engagement, the partnership has paved the way for shopping centers worldwide to better understand their customers and provide exceptional experiences.

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Wiacom and Placewise Announce Partnership