Your New Assistant Starts Today!

Aug 23, 2023

Your New Assistant Starts Today! MPC's New Text Assistant

If you're a fan of MPC then you know Artificial Intelligence has been a powerful part of the  platform since 2021 when we released our first feature for predicting email open and click-through-rates (CTR).  Now we’re excited to announce the addition of an all new AI Text Assistant designed to save time and make the process of creating better customer engagement …well fun!

The new AI Text Assistant can help generate copy for a social media post, or a full length feature story on Holiday Gift Ideas, or anything you need copy for really.  Check out the 3 minute video and see how easy it is to use. 

Don’t have MPC and want to know more?  Find a time that works for you here and let’s talk.

Download the pdf here:
Your New Assistant Starts Today!