Nov 11, 2022

Successful Loyalty Launch Results In Platform Rollout Across Poland And The Czech Republic

November 11, 2023 Published by Across Magazine

Galeria Dominikanska is a 32,600 m2 urban shopping centre located in the heart of Wroclaw City, one of Poland's fastest growing markets. The dynamic centre has just over one hundred stores and restaurants, a fitness centre, a medical centre, and other
services all under one roof.

Galeria Dominikanska is owned by ATRIUM European Real Estate, a leading owner,
operator of shopping centres in Central Europe, known for their locally dominant centres and fierce devotion to providing their customers with “the best shopping experience in the most convenient and fun locations.”, and that includes the constant improvement of existing programs.

Our customers are at the heart of all our activities. Their loyalty and trust drive us to provide new experiences all year round. - Atrium European Real Estate

Galeria Dominikanska already had a successful Lunchtime loyalty card program, but in 2021 they were ready to take shopper loyalty to a whole new level. Partnering with Placewise, the centre launched #maszokazje, a new more comprehensive loyalty program that offered their customers more than just lunchtime food discounts. The program included a user-friendly web interface that allowed members to access exclusive discounts and coupons, while providing the highest level of exposure and support to all their tenants.

During the launch campaign Galeria Dominikanska gained over 5000 members with full consents, while 25% were totally new members the balance was converted from the previous lunchtime program. Phase Two of the program was focused on connecting the program with parking ticketing which doubled the program participants in just 10 days.

5.496 New Loyalty Club Members

892 Offers Redeemed

80.4% Daily Click Through Rate

How did they do it?

During the first phase of the #maszokazje na nagrody (You Can Win Prizes!)
hostesses were available to explain the benefits of the centre’s new and
improved loyalty program and how to sign up. To attract new members and
demonstrate how easy and fun the new loyalty program was to use, all new members received a coupon for their choice of a free ecologically friendly gift, a trio of herbs in clay pots or a folding reusable bamboo cup. Members using a coupon during the launch period and registering their receipt also received a gift card worth (PLN 30 about 6.49 Euros).

Phase two was focused on connecting the Placewise system with Galeria
Dominikańska’s parking system, allowing members to automatically receive and redeem a reward for one hour of free parking. This phase of the program was introduced to Galeria Dominikanska’s shoppers through a comprehensive marketing and communication plan throughout the centre and parking garage and included one-to-one program education, demonstrations, and member sign ups by in-centre hostesses.

“Galeria Dominikanska is constantly adapting to the needs of its shoppers and their lifestyles, and we are always looking for solutions that make our centre more attractive to customers and keep them coming back. This program
provides them with access to the latest promotions and offers from our tenants and gives them 1 hour parking for free”

                                                                                                                                      - Ewa Hiller, Director of Galeria Dominikanska

This is a great example of introducing shoppers to a new program using an attractive offer to encourage immediate engagement.

Show and Teach - Employ hostesses and ambassadors to explain new program
benefits, help with app downloads, and demonstrate features.

Short & Sweet - A concentrated launch period maximizes marketing, advertising and public relations efforts.

Thoughtful Gift - Select a gift for new members that has broad appeal to you shoppers and is tied to their interests and the season.

Entice - Encourage immediate member engagement during the launch period by
providing an additional incentive available through the new mobile loyalty app.
Members who use the app immediately to redeem receipts for a gift card, double points, or free parking can experience how easy the app is to use and are more likely to remain active and engaged.

Since the successful launch at Galeria Dominikanska, Atrium has broadened the
partnership with Placewise to include six additional malls in Poland (Atrium Copernicus, Atrium Focus Bydgoszcz, Atrium Targówek, Atrium Reduta, Atrium Promenada, Atrium Biała) and two in The Czech Republic/Czechia (Atrium Palac Pardubice, Atrium Flora).