Marketplace 2.0 The Digital Evolution of Shopping Centres

December 15th & 16th | Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe

Get a global perspective on the shopping centre industry from retail real estate insiders. What’s working, What’s next? And how can digital technology help us get there? Join us for 6 jammed-packed sessions and incredible keynote speaker!


The Shopping Center Evolution: Survival of the Fittest
Conversation with Special Guest Steve Dennis
Steve Dennis is the author of Remarkable Retail: How to Win & Keep Customers in the Age of Digital Disruption and has been named a top 5 global retail influencer. He is a Forbes Senior Contributor and his thoughts on the future of shopping and how to reignite growth have beenfeatured by Bloomberg/Business Week, the BBC, CNBC, CNN, the Harvard Business Review, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, and others.


“Owning” the Shopper Relationship
Why it’s important for landlords to have a relationship with shoppers.

E-Commerce Coming To The Mall?
What impact could integrating e-commerce have on shopping centers?

Closing The Gap Between Landlords & Tenants
How do we reach the optimal state of partnership? What’s the upside?

Delivering What Shoppers Want Now
BOPIS, BOPAC, and Shopping by Appointment.

What’s Next For Shopping Centers?
What do we need to do now, to ensure the health and relevance of malls and shopping centers?