Facebook Domain Verification Explained

May 19, 2021

Facebook Domain Verification Explained

By Robert Drews, Director of US Media Programming

Recently, you may have heard clamoring around Apple’s release of its iOS 14.5 software and the effects on Facebook advertising. In a nutshell, iOS 14.5 gives users the ability to limit third-party cookies in mobile applications via the new App Tracking Transparency Prompt. Facebook, who historically utilizes their own pixel to track ad conversions on advertiser websites and gather additional user data for targeting, stands to lose a large portion of data gathering and tracking ability coming from iPhone users. 

In response, Facebook has enacted measures to maintain as many data and event related tracking capabilities as possible. As a result, certain updates should be made within Facebook Business Manager to stay on top of this evolving situation. 

Domain Verification is one such step that has recently arisen. The domain verification process has been created for businesses to lay claim to their domain within Facebook and have oversight into content and ads that are linking back to their domain.

Here’s the brief explanation from Facebook: "Domain Verification provides a way for you to claim ownership of your domain in Business Manager. This ownership allows you to control editing privileges of your links and other content to prevent misuse of your domain and to keep bad actors from spreading misinformation."


Historically, advertisers could direct traffic to any domain via Facebook Ads, whether they own the domain or not. This opens up the potential for content to be painted in the wrong light or misused. With Domain Verification, businesses have greater control over content that is linking to their domain, giving them the ability to update link text and images associated, if needed.


Domain Verification also ensures that businesses are in control of their event tracking capabilities under Facebook’s new, Aggregated Event Measurement, an approach in direct response to the iOS14.5 release.

According to Facebook, Aggregate Event Measurement: “...supports advertisers' efforts to preserve user privacy while running effective campaigns. Aggregated Event Measurement limits the amount and type of data that advertisers can send to Facebook through tools like the Facebook pixel. Advertisers can send up to 8 conversion events from a single website domain. We've selected default events that are available for each of your domains, based on your ad activity”.


Placewise is happy to assist with the Domain Verification process as well as any other social media marketing needs for your mall. It’s important to note that the verification codes should be generated through a Business Manager Account owned by the shopping center, or parent company. Please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions regarding verification code generation or implementation. 


For more on Domain Verification: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/domain-verification/

For more on Apple’s Privacy initiative visit:  https://www.apple.com/privacy/

Download the pdf here:
Facebook Domain Verification Explained