Facebook Advertising

Apr 29, 2021

Getting More From Facebook Advertising

Be Strategic 

FOCUS -Spend money on Facebook to reach your potential shoppers, with a focus on new loyalty member acquisition. 

ENROLL -Once someone becomes a member you can communicate with them for free through email, SMS, and Push notifications, forever – or at least as long as they’re members.

OPTIMIZE -  Now use your Facebook Advertising spend to engage with even more potential shoppers

REPEAT - Watch your membership grow


In order to maximize ROI on your Facebook Advertising spend, Placewise developed a Facebook Advertising Bridge and it’s a core feature of our Mall Performance Cloud platform.   So you already have it!  If you haven’t used it yet, give it a try.  Facebook Advertising Bridge syncs the members from your loyalty member or customer database to Facebook's Business platform and allows you to:


1. Leave members out of a target audience, so your Facebook budget is only spent on people that are not yet members (only non-members will see the ad on Facebook) allowing your Facebook Advertising budget to go farther when recruiting new members.


2. Target people that are similar to your current members. This allows you to sync your best customers e.g. women aged 35-45 from postal code x with a very high activity rate in the club. Then you can tell Facebook to only spend an advertising budget on more people like that or “look-alike” users on Facebook.  Now your budget is targeted to Facebook users that are highly likely to be interested in your Centre and to join the club.


3. Choose to target certain members specifically (e.g. target members that don't have the app installed: “Don't forget to install your favourite shopping centre app this weekend and log in - there's a new coupon campaign!”.


Time Is Money

No time to become a master of Facebook Advertising optimization? Leave it to the experts and let Placewise manage your Facebook advertising budgets. We have lots of experience and know from hundreds of campaigns what works and what doesn’t.


Ready to get more from your Social Media and Online Advertising? Let’s talk!


Download the pdf here:
Facebook Advertising