It's Time For Malls To Engage In Ecommerce

Mar 21, 2023

It’s Time for Malls to Engage in the E-commerce Economy

Malls are by no means dead, but they have been largely excluded from the e-commerce economy. Mall tenants have traditionally owned direct consumer connections that translate into digital relationships. All of that is set to change as mall owners awaken to the potential to take ownership of the physical and digital experiences that consumers crave. As CEO of Placewise, Peter Tonstad is on a mission to unlock the power of malls to monetize beyond the square foot and forge long-lasting digital relationships with shoppers.

In this episode, Carol and Peter discuss what it takes for malls to build ownable shopper data assets and the long-term benefits. Peter shares compelling stats on how escalating participation translates into increased footfall and sales.

Takeaways from the interview:

  • Why malls must engage in direct digital outreach now
  • How to incentivize shoppers to share data
  • How collective content marketing makes all the difference
  • Why digital marketplaces will power the mall of the future
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It's Time For Malls To Engage In Ecommerce