Shopping Center Marketing Automation

Aug 4, 2021

Shopping Center Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing can be a tough, more so for industries that cater to large-scale general markets and require specific, targeted marketing efforts to suit different consumers. This is the case for shopping centers, which receive foot traffic composed of different groups, different ages, different personas, and different behaviors.


But marketing doesn’t have to be impossible for shopping malls, as long as you have the right marketing automation platform. Our Mall Performance Cloud, CRM & marketing automation solutions allow you to deliver the right message at the right time, to the right shopper, upscaling your marketing efforts and boosting foot traffic and revenue for your shopping center.

Multi-Channel Marketing: Email, SMS, In-App Push Messages

Our solutions for marketing automation for malls retrieve consumer data to provide valuable insights that help shape your marketing efforts. The software safely collects data across all digital touchpoints, compiles and organizes them into a database, and presents insights to drive your marketing strategies.


Our marketing automation software can be programmed to deliver multi-channel content to suit the preferences, geography, and demographics of your market groups. Send emails, SMS, in-app push messages, and more tailored to your unique markets.

Streamline Marketing Processes for Your Mall

Our solutions for marketing automation for malls enable you to run campaigns that target the unique needs and preferences of your customers. From gathering information about your target market and building profiles to location-based messages that are automatically sent out when a potential customer is within the vicinity of a shop, our marketing automation platform makes it easier for you to learn more and reach more.


Utilizing our marketing automation platform is basically having all stages of marketing in one easy-to-use and accessible software. Not only do you gain better access to the information you need to understand your audience better, but you also enjoy a more seamless implementation process that will drive your foot traffic and sales, and save time.

Integration With 3rd Party Solutions

The Placewise Customer Data Platform (CDP) is suitable for seamless integration with other third-party solutions, which means you can have all your tools in one place! Integrating software you currently use with our CDP gives you a complete and comprehensive view of all your marketing efforts and measure their effectiveness by audience/groups.


With all your data and digital touchpoints in a single database, you can streamline your marketing process and achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

Build and Grow Your CRM Database

Shopping centers are highly transient places. People come and go and old faces are replaced with new ones by the hour. The key to efficient and effective marketing for shopping centers is to keep customers coming back! And that is achievable through establishing direct relationships with visitors.


Our marketing solutions help build strong relationships and boost customer retention. By collecting data about your customers, our software creates a comprehensive shopper database with key insights, demographics, and information that you need to target your marketing campaigns. With this big data in your arsenal, you can reach even the most transient visitors and engage them to keep coming back for more.

Attract New Shoppers

Customer retention and loyalty are important aspects of marketing automation for malls. But attracting new visitors is just as vital. Our solutions allow you to reach more customers through personalized and contextual campaigns.


Aside from shopper database building capabilities, our marketing automation platform also has an audience manager and segmentation feature that allows you to create custom audiences based on details like demographics, preferences, behaviors, where they shop, and more. This big data enables you to nurture intelligent communications and reach shoppers through multiple channels like SMS or other digital ads.

Increase Revenue and ROI

Marketing is a tricky feat, especially if you don’t understand your customers and their specific needs. This risks an unsuccessful campaign that hurts your ROI. With the use of a marketing automation platform for malls, you can make more informed decisions for your marketing campaigns, simply because you get all the data you need to know your audience better.


Our solutions allow you to analyze customer data, from their demographics to shopping patterns. With this information, you are in a much better position to formulate marketing strategies that will serve pain points, provide value, and ultimately, increase sales.


Placewise products and solutions allow you to better optimize your marketing efforts and deliver the right message to the right people, at the right time.

Scale Your Marketing with Automation

Streamline your marketing process, boost your competitive edge, and increase your revenue with Placewise’s marketing automation platform for malls. Learn more about how the Mall Performance Cloud can help by reaching out to us.

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Shopping Center Marketing Automation