New Features For Tenant Connect

Jun 13, 2022

More New Features For Tenant Connect

The App That’s Changing Retail Property Management Around The World


Tenant Connect is Live in centers from Norway to Lexington, Kentucky, and we’ve added more new features like Issue Reporting and Property Picker to help property management teams and retailers work smarter, and better together.

Maintenance and repairs are an inevitable part of property management, but until now it’s been managed with manual processes or ticketing systems that lack the 360-degree transparency needed for both center operations and retail tenants to efficiently report, track, and resolve these issues. 

With Tenant Connect Issue Reporting, retailers and all other center employees can quickly and easily report a leaking sink or a burnt-out parking lot light, take a photo and attach it to the report - all from their mobile phones. The management team can see all reported issues and change the issue status from “being reviewed”, to “in progress”, to “resolved” from their desktop or mobile device, automatically providing an update to the retailer who reported the issue.


The new Property Picker feature was developed for our clients using Tenant Connect that own or manage multiple assets.  Property Picker makes it easy to look at information, send alerts, review issue reports and communicate with one centre, a group of centers, or the entire portfolio, with levels of access and permissions assigned by the management team role.


If your team is still struggling with antiquated management tools like outdated spreadsheets, and clipboards (yes, clipboards are still a thing) imagine how much more they could accomplish with Tenant Connect’s other features like: 


Tenant Contact & Information Directories - A Single source of truth for all tenant contact information from local store manager to corporate level contacts with access manageable by user role.

Messaging - Email, SMS, & App push - Select the delivery method and a single recipient, a group, or several groups. Messages may be sent immediately or scheduled in advance.

Document Library - Upload manuals, policies, and other essential center documents for easy updating and tenant access.

Retail Content Collector - Tenant login for self-serve store information updates, promotional offers, center employee offers and event information with center admin publication approval.

Notifications & Emergency Alerts - Send emergency alerts to center staff and store employees.

Employees News - Create and publish relevant news for tenants on the web

Employee Offers - Create, activate, and manage special center employee only offers

Sales Reporting - Tenants upload monthly sales reports

Issue Reporting - Tenants can submit maintenance issues that need to be addressed, and the property manager can quickly address the reported issue and change the status of the issue.

Property Picker - The property picker allows you to select one property, a group of properties, or an entire portfolio for targeted or mass communication.


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New Features For Tenant Connect