5 Reasons to Give Retailers an App

Oct 27, 2020

The Top 5 Reasons To Give Your Retailers An App

Shopping centres have two main constituents, shoppers and their retail tenants.  Most centres have a good handle on fostering strong relationships with their shoppers, but when it comes to retailer relationships high associate turnover, irregular schedules, and demanding levels of responsibilities can make communication and support between a retailer’s staff and the centre management team difficult, time consuming and ineffective.

Tenant Engagement is the latest extension of The Mall Performance Cloud, a solution that streamlines the relationship between the mall management team and the retail tenant. A mobile tenant app can play a significant role in improving your processes saving you time.


How Can A Mobile App Help Strengthen Landlord Tenant Relationships?

1. Reduce manual processes – increase efficiency so tenants and centre management can focus on driving value.

2. Create a single source of information, documentation and communication for store managers, staff and the mall management team.

3. Improve marketing activity by optimising content collection and managing internal events.

4. Gives a 360-degree view of operations and insights into what's happening at your shopping centre.

5.  Its powerful reporting capability allows for one complete real time overview of turnover reporting, retailer engagement and operational indicators related to reported issues.

There has never been a more important time for retailers and landlords to work together as partners. 

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5 Reasons to Give Retailers an App