Shopping Centers as a Single Ecosystem

Sep 7, 2021

The Vision for a Shopping Center to be a Single Ecosystem

Originally featured on MarketScale

Written by Tyler Kern

GroceryShop 2021 is right around the corner and we’ll be chatting with some of the notable thought and business leaders that are on the forefront of the retail and grocery industry.

One company is working towards a vision where all products in a given shopping center will be available for purchase online, with multi-retailer payment, delivery/pick-up and returns. Tyler Kern asks the CEO of Placewise, Peter Tonstad; How he envisions the future of shopping centers to be one ecosystem instead of individual parts?

As a part of his vision of a customer having the option for a centralized pick-up, how does that alter the design of shopping centers?

Peter explained what successes and lessons his team has learned from the 2 shopping centers that have your solution launched.