Placewise is Going Passwordless

Oct 18, 2019

Placewise is Going Passwordless

By Channing Childs - Director of Product, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger, Phish Phan

Placewise will be moving to a passwordless world! Gone are the days of password resets. Now, Profile members just need access to their email account as their “password”. A passwordless Profile experience will ultimately allow your users to enjoy more benefits of our automated marketing engine - greater engagement and personalized experiences with your website and email campaigns.

Wait, wait…What’s Profile?
Typically, when a shopper registers for your e-club, they are automatically becoming a “Profile member”. Once this happens, their onsite and email experience becomes personalized.

  • Personalized “My Deals” deal feed view from the sales page based on their favorite stores
  • Ability to favorite a store, triggering a personalized view of deals on your website from the directory (some designs), from the store page, or from within their profile
  • Daily Deals Email
  • Daily email of today’s deals curated from the shopper’s favorited stores

Benefits of Passwordless Profile for your Center
These shopper profiles create a unified view of your shoppers - including personal data, preferences, and affinities. This profile data gives your center the ability to better tailor messaging to your shoppers, engaging them with the events they enjoy and the deals that matter most from the retailers they love.

  • Built-In Double Opt-In
  • Only bring the most engaged shoppers to your email list. Passwordless acts as a form of double opt-in, confirming that this shopper really wants to join your email program and engage with your center
  • Confirmation of Engagement
  • When a shopper opens and clicks in an email, this lets the email client know the user “likes” your emails, making your emails less likely to get caught in a shopper’s spam filters

“Profile” is often used interchangeably with VIP Club, Loyalty or Rewards members. Whatever your mall’s branding works for us!

Benefits of Passwordless Profile for your Shoppers
With a passwordless Profile, users will always be “logged in” unless they log out or use a new browser. Passwordless allows for seamless automation to give your shoppers an easy-to-use, personalized digital experience

  • Streamlined Signup  
  • User only needs an email address to join Profile program
  • Email-only signup lowers the barrier to entry for users to join your program. However, if you do need to require extra information such as birthday club signup or ZIP code, we can accommodate this
  • Mobile Experience
  • 70% of your mall’s traffic is mobile; when a shopper wants to join your email program passwordless creates a seamless, easy-to-use mobile experience
  • Password Resets
  • We all have hundreds of unique passwords being used across the internet (hopefully you’re not using the same one everywhere!)
  • Last year Placewise received 2,562 password reset requests across our 325 shopping centers with a Profile program.

How does passwordless work?
When a shopper signs up for your email program, their confirmation email will contain what is known as a magic link. This link confirms their email address truly belongs to them, and this confirmation acts as a password. Once a user is logged in, they will remain logged in every time they visit the site using the same browser. However, If a user clears their cache, their session will end and they will need to log in again. If a shopper forgets their password, they’ll be emailed a new link - once clicked, they’re logged back in!

The new passwordless process will create a much simpler user experience for your shoppers.

What does this mean for my site?
All new sites developed from this point forward will be passwordless. For existing sites, your Placewise account rep will be reaching out to go over the transition process with your team. There is no heavy lifting on your end, our development team will make the seamless transition to passwordless Profile for you.

What does this mean for my existing email subscribers?
NOTHING! Our team has done the work to make sure your existing (and future) email subscribers have a great user experience.

If you have specific questions, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Download the pdf here:
Placewise is Going Passwordless